Featured Friend: BAM POW Cuttlefish by SquidFriends

Cuttlefish? More like CUDDLE fish! Look at this adorable little guy by SquidFriends.


Do you think he would mind if I just petted his head ruffle for hours? I kind of want to just pet his head ruffle… for hours.

I gotta get me one of these SquidFriends. Look, they even have “Friends” in the name – that’s how you know they’re awesome.

Visit SquidFriends on Etsy.

Ninja the Teal and Fuchsia Betta (Customer Order)

The betta lifespan is fleeting at best.

My custom plush bettas are (too) often created in the honor of a recently departed betta fish.

This teal and fuchsia betta was created in the image of a real betta called “Ninja” by his young owner. His design is unique, with an extra band of red behind his front fins and an extension of his teal body fabric into his tail. One of a kind, and – hopefully – a close enough likeness to preserve the memories of the departed fish while creating a few happy new ones of his own.

ninja_1 ninja_custom_betta_2 ninja_custom_betta_3 ninja_custom_betta_4 ninja_custom_betta_5

Ninja is off to his forever home now, but you may order your own memorial betta from my Etsy shop if you like.

Star Wars Grub and Betta

“Where have you gotten us lost now, you mindless wad of stitches?!”

Meet Finpio, a betta protocol droid, and Grub2D2, a spunky and adventurous grub droid.

Star Wars fanmade plushies

A grub and a betta make an unlikely traveling pair; even less so when they’re both droids lost on a strange planet of blankets and pillows.

Handmade Star Wars plushies

Here, they’ve happened upon a small plush Millennium Falcon. The only logical course of action, of course, is to sit upon it.

Handmade Star Wars plushies in the form of R2D2 and C-3PO. Made for MayThe4th

May the 4th be with you.

PS: You can order your very own #MayThe4th betta and grub pair by requesting a special order from my Etsy shop.

NEW FABRIC: Cute Sushi Fabric!


I found this in the sushi-printed snuggle flannel remnant bin at JoAnn fabrics this weekend. Holy cow – I can’t believe how cute this fabric is. I just want to hug all the little sushis. Look at their little grub faces! This has to be a grub. It just has to. There will be a grub soon. GET EXCITED.


Featured Friend: Octopod!


The grubs want me to introduce to you this very special featured friend: an Octopod plushie by Oopisnein!

Apparently Octopods are mostly harmless. Yeah, sure.

I love the fruit on his tentacles. I like to think the little faces have minds of their own and speak independently of their Octopod master. At least, that’s how it works when grubs are made of fabrics featuring faces.


Starcraft Larva!

StarCrafts is where cute meets StarCraft:

When I saw this I knew what I’d be doing with the next 40 minutes: BABY ZERGLING LARVA PLUSH!

StarCrafts inspired zergling larva

StarCrafts inspired zergling larva

This little larva is made with soft snuggle flannel, black felt, and black and burgundy embroidery thread. He’s stuffed with Polyfil and Poly Pellets, giving him a nice solid body.

StarCrafts inspired zergling larva

The grubs took to this little guy instantly. If only they knew what he could become…

New things in the Weird Little Friends Etsy shop!

The Weird Little Friends Etsy shop has new listings for spring! Come meet the new spring 2014 grubs before all the cool kids beat you to it.

Banksy, the Urban Graffiti Grub:

No brick wall is safe while he’s around.


Bubbly and Brittany, the bubble twins:

Fun fact: I bought Bubbly’s fabric (he’s the blue one) and made him like, a year before I found Brittany’s fabric while traveling out of state.


Apple, the apple grub:

Apple’s name is deceptive: she is also covered in birds and flowers.


Adopt a Grub of your own