Neptune Cosmo, Space Explorer Extraordinaire

Meet Neptune Cosmo, a fearless space-traveling grub. Interests include rocket science, faster than light travel, and the exploration of far-away worlds. She also enjoys watercolor.

neptune_cosmo_1 neptune_cosmo_2 neptune_cosmo_3

Every year, I make a new grub in celebration of my birthday. Neptune Cosmo celebrates my 31st complete trip around the sun!

If you’d like a little plush grub of your own, please come visit the Weird Little Friends Etsy store!


Banksy the Graffiti Grub (Customer Order)

Street art and street smarts turned into street plush.

To be honest, grubs don’t care much for streets. Streets tend to be dirty and full of scary cars. Grubs would much rather snuggle up on your lap or a bookshelf inside.



Our own resident graffiti grub, Urby, said hello to his new clone (as grubs are wont to do). Urby clones go by “Banksy” to help avoid confusion. In this photo, Urby is on the left and Banksy is on the right.



Even better, there’s plenty of graffiti fabric left. If you’d like to tag your home with your very own Banksy, check him out in my Etsy shop!

Yo, I heard you like fish… (Customer Order)

…so I put some fish on your fish.

I’ve always loved this fabric (and I’ve always wanted to make a fish with it), so you can imagine my delight when a customer requested a betta fish made of it! I think “fish made with fish fabric” should become a thing.

fish_betta_1 fish_betta_2 fish_betta_3 fish_betta_4

Alas, this fabric is now retired (that was the last of it!). But there are still 400+ more fabrics to pick from if you’d like to order a customized plush betta of your own.

Dusty Fancy Floral Betta (Customer Order)

‘Tis the season for bettas! Dusty Fancy is my second Etsy order betta this week. He’s a beauty.

(Or she. It doesn’t matter. Plush can be he or she. I leave it up to the plushies to decide.)



You can order your very own custom betta at the Weird Little Friends Etsy shop.

Stormy the Storm Betta (Customer Order)

The Stormy Swirls fabric is gone! Used up. Done. No more!

It had a good run.

Here is the last plush made with Stormy Swirls. He’s a betta custom ordered through my Etsy shop, and he is the last of his kind.


I feel like I ought to say something. After all, it’s not every day I reach the end of several yards of flannel! Stormy Swirls caught my eye several years ago at Jo Ann Fabrics. I was smart to buy a few yards of it. It has been made into grubs, bettas, more grubs, a Christmas ornament, and more bettas. Goodbye, much-beloved Stormy Swirls. 🙂

If you like this betta and you’d like one just like it, too bad! That’s limited edition fabrics for ya.

But I still have a good 400+ more fabrics to pick from, so have a look at the Weird Little Friends Etsy shop and the Fabric Gallery.

Etsy Shop Update: 2 Betta Combo Pack (You Betta Believe It!)

What’s mo’ betta than a betta? Mo’ bettas!

Two bettas, to be precise.

I have updated the WeirdLittleFriends Etsy shop to offer twin bettas at a slight discount in response to popular demand (one potential buyer suggested she might want to buy two at once). Note that the twins do not need to be identical in any way.


Having two bettas lets you do many things that you cannot do with just one betta.

  • Host a chess game between the two bettas and see who wins
  • Nominate them as President and Vice President
  • Reenact Othello
  • Have less space in your bed than you would have if you only had one betta in your bed


Twin bettas are already a documented phenomenon, usually happening under any of the following circumstances:

  • A customer orders a clone of a betta I already have in my collection
  • I make a betta for someone and love it so much I make a second one for myself
  • Disturbance in the force


And it’s worth mentioning that grubs are not immune to the twinning forces.



You can find bettas and grubs in my Etsy shop.

Featured Friend: Woldy

Woldy (noun) – a plush felt map of the United States featuring embroidery around the border of each individual state. Created by WoldyWorld on Etsy.


I bought a Woldy of my own this month! The pictures do not lie: these little felt maps are exquisitely detailed and perfectly stitched.


Mine looks beautiful hanging on my Christmas tree.


Woldy maps come in an assortment of color palettes. Below, a pink and navy plush map.


The shop owner can even create customized versions.


There is even a Christmas Woldy!


If you’re big into geography, travel, or just unique plushies, drop by WoldyWorld on Etsy.

The Littlest Betta Plushie

Bettas have always been rather large. Until now!

On this chilly afternoon I decided a miniature betta might make a nice addition to the plush family. Such a betta would travel well, be an excellent conversational partner, and look nice on my Christmas tree which is already threatening to topple over from the weight of the numerous full-size betta plushies that inhabit its branches.

The littlest betta plush began his journey of creation with a pattern sketched on the nearest scrap of paper I could find.


I then pinned this pattern to an equally nearby scrap of fabric and began cutting out his form. Once done, the cut-out shape is ready for stitching.


Which I did not bother to photograph. 🙁

Suffice to say, I stitched around his perimeter leaving a small hole through which I flipped him right-side out. Rows of stitches define the separation between his body and his fins, and stuffing gave his body fullness. His eyes and mouth are simple black embroidery thread.


Goldie is such a tiny betta! His little chin fins were the most difficult part to flip, and as a result I have chosen to omit them from his revised pattern, which I will share in a future post.


Featured Friend: BAM POW Cuttlefish by SquidFriends

Cuttlefish? More like CUDDLE fish! Look at this adorable little guy by SquidFriends.


Do you think he would mind if I just petted his head ruffle for hours? I kind of want to just pet his head ruffle… for hours.

I gotta get me one of these SquidFriends. Look, they even have “Friends” in the name – that’s how you know they’re awesome.

Visit SquidFriends on Etsy.