Meet Lucy, the Two Headed Albino Snake

An albino two-headed snake is a rarity of a rarity. Lucy understands if she’s the first two you’ve met.

LuLu and CiCI love ice cream, but be sure to bring two cones because LuLu favors vanilla and CiCi likes strawberry. And don’t forget who is who (LuLu is on the left). It is okay to call them Lucy for short.

Lucy inspects the camera

Lucy has red eyes and a pink body because she is albino. If she wasn’t albino, she’d probably be tan with brown eyes. Her pretty red eyes are from 6060eyes on Etsy.

Lucy likes to pose for the camera

The best thing about being a two-headed snake is always having a friend nearby.

Lucy really wishes you brought ice cream. Do you have ice cream?


Here are some photos from Lucy’s creation.

Lucy's heads

Lucy's striped body

Lucy's heads attached to body via a Y piece

Lucy is feeling a little deflated

Lucy the two headed albino snake loves pillows and blankets

After she was complete, Lucy made herself at home on my pillow.

Happy Halloween from Weird Little Friends!