RB Yummy

“YUMMY!” – Yummy (2008)

Yummy is made from what is quite possibly my favorite fabric. Pale yellow with a smattering of frosted cupcakes and cake slices, this fabric is undeniably adorable. And so is Yummy.


The original Yummy entered the world around April 2008. Wy was immediately taken with her, and the two became inseparable friends.

But one Yummy was not enough for this world. No, the time had come for Yummy to transcend the boundaries of space and take on a new form: Really Big Yummy.  Here is RB Yummy during her creation.

(Why yes, I am a big fan of Monster High dolls and Ayria, how did you guess?)

RB_Yummy_deflatedRB Yummy stuffed and exploring her world.


At last, Yummy has an RB counterpart. The two became friends quickly and Wy fell in love all over again.


Wy says hello to the newest lady in his life.


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