Stormy the Storm Betta (Customer Order)

The Stormy Swirls fabric is gone! Used up. Done. No more!

It had a good run.

Here is the last plush made with Stormy Swirls. He’s a betta custom ordered through my Etsy shop, and he is the last of his kind.


I feel like I ought to say something. After all, it’s not every day I reach the end of several yards of flannel! Stormy Swirls caught my eye several years ago at Jo Ann Fabrics. I was smart to buy a few yards of it. It has been made into grubs, bettas, more grubs, a Christmas ornament, and more bettas. Goodbye, much-beloved Stormy Swirls. 🙂

If you like this betta and you’d like one just like it, too bad! That’s limited edition fabrics for ya.

But I still have a good 400+ more fabrics to pick from, so have a look at the Weird Little Friends Etsy shop and the Fabric Gallery.