The Littlest Betta Plushie

Bettas have always been rather large. Until now!

On this chilly afternoon I decided a miniature betta might make a nice addition to the plush family. Such a betta would travel well, be an excellent conversational partner, and look nice on my Christmas tree which is already threatening to topple over from the weight of the numerous full-size betta plushies that inhabit its branches.

The littlest betta plush began his journey of creation with a pattern sketched on the nearest scrap of paper I could find.


I then pinned this pattern to an equally nearby scrap of fabric and began cutting out his form. Once done, the cut-out shape is ready for stitching.


Which I did not bother to photograph. 🙁

Suffice to say, I stitched around his perimeter leaving a small hole through which I flipped him right-side out. Rows of stitches define the separation between his body and his fins, and stuffing gave his body fullness. His eyes and mouth are simple black embroidery thread.


Goldie is such a tiny betta! His little chin fins were the most difficult part to flip, and as a result I have chosen to omit them from his revised pattern, which I will share in a future post.