Etsy Shop Update: 2 Betta Combo Pack (You Betta Believe It!)

What’s mo’ betta than a betta? Mo’ bettas!

Two bettas, to be precise.

I have updated the WeirdLittleFriends Etsy shop to offer twin bettas at a slight discount in response to popular demand (one potential buyer suggested she might want to buy two at once). Note that the twins do not need to be identical in any way.


Having two bettas lets you do many things that you cannot do with just one betta.

  • Host a chess game between the two bettas and see who wins
  • Nominate them as President and Vice President
  • Reenact Othello
  • Have less space in your bed than you would have if you only had one betta in your bed


Twin bettas are already a documented phenomenon, usually happening under any of the following circumstances:

  • A customer orders a clone of a betta I already have in my collection
  • I make a betta for someone and love it so much I make a second one for myself
  • Disturbance in the force


And it’s worth mentioning that grubs are not immune to the twinning forces.



You can find bettas and grubs in my Etsy shop.